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DIY Dog Collar Decal


I’m not one to dress my dog in clothes (unless I’m dogshaming her ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), or bows, accessories, nail polish, etc. However, each time she comes home from the groomers, she usually has a bow in her hair (see photos below). I’ll admit, they are super cute, and I leave them in until she gets them off. The last time I brought her home, she had a pretty little flower strapped to her collar and this stayed on for about a month! After taking a look at how they attached it (via rubber band and a strand of gold beads), I decided I could make one for her that would probably last even longer. Below, I’ll show you how I did it!

10411876_10106510155562954_9130026167007620645_n IMG_2792

If you are like me, and aren’t completely into “frilling” (yes I made that word up) up your pooch but don’t mind a cute little touch, try this. It will cost you $5 and you’ll have enough supplies leftover to make a bunch!

What you’ll need:

– Faux Flower of your choice (daisies and other smaller flat flowers will work best)
– Pins (I purchased a pack of them at Michael’s so I can make a few different decals)
– Hot Glue Gun
– Scissors

doityourselfdogdecal doityourselfdogdecal2

How To:

1. Pull the stem off of the flower. Cut any stem that is left.


2. Hot glue each layer of flower together so that it does not fall apart during rough play. Then, hot glue the back of the pin to the back of the flower.

doityourselfdogdecal4 doityourselfdogdecal5

3. Once the hot glue has cooled and dried, pin to your dogs collar.

diydogdecal DIYdogaccessories IMG_3352

Sooo easy, cheap, and really really cute! What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!