Serene Bedroom Inspiration


In a previous post, I showed you my home before and afters, including the master bedroom. (You can check out that post here) I haven’t touched the master bedroom since that post, and so, it remains in it’s unfinished limbo. There are so many things I want to do with it, I just can’t seem to commit to anything.

Here it is, in it’s current state, mostly. I have added additional curtains and I added a white storage bench to the end of the bed. The bench was meant for my dressing room, but it is stuck in the bedroom until I purchase (or make) the bench that I want.

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I’m constantly browsing other blogs and pinterest for bedroom inspiration. I know that I want (neeeeeeeed) a fabulous bench (or couch) for the end of the bed. I wouldn’t mind a smaller reading chair and ottoman, though I’m not sure where I’d put it. I’m keeping my eye out for the perfect light fixture and wall art. Below is just a sampling of my “serene master bedroom” inspiration, enjoy!


That headboard! I love this color scheme. The bench at the end of the bed is perfect.

unknown source

This room is my all-time favorite. Just everything. As soon as I saw this I immediately wanted to rip my carpet out and replace it with these floors (which are remarkably similar to my master bathroom). I am not a fan of the light fixture but everything else. I want.


The pops of color in this room are perfect. Love the mismatching bed stands.


The seating area at the end of the bed is perfect, I’d love to do this.

These wood plank walls give the room such a beachy, comfy feel. I’ve seen some tutorials but I just don’t think I’m up for that kind of commitment. I love the wall art as well.

painted floor country living

Speaking of wood planks, these wood plank floors painted white are amazing. I really, really love. Again, the wall art is great too.


The bench I love. Wall art too. I love all the greys in this room.


This lighting fixture is nice, I wonder how much light it provides at night. Again, the seating area at the end of the bed is such a nice use of extra open space.


This carpet. I need it. This room makes me hate my own carpet (came with my house, I’m trying so hard not to hate it). Neutrals done perfectly.


Someone give me this bedding and that french door. Or this bedroom, the entire thing. I love it all. Sigh.


The way they centered the bed in front of the windows and used curtains to add  to the design is a great idea. The best spot in my bedroom for the bed is actually right in front of the only windows in the room. I’d hate to decrease the amount of light in the room, but I’d definitely consider this unique idea!

Can you see why I can’t make any decisions? So many beautiful rooms and all of this inspiration. I’m trying to decide what is best for the room that I have. What are your ideas? I’d love to see!

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