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DIY Kitchen Table Makeover


This particular project has been on my to-do list for months. Along with approximately 4,735 other projects that I want to complete somewhere in the seriously near future. However, this weekend, I found myself wanting to take care of something on my list that wasn’t going to cost me much money, as I have some serious landscaping action happening in the next few weeks. Then I realized I already had every single thing I needed to complete this table makeover. This entire project cost me $0. It does not get any better than that, right? It was like destiny.

Except then I got sick with a cold. Obviously I wasn’t going to let that stop me. There were a few points during the last few days that I questioned my own sanity and ability to make wise choices. I managed to get it all done, somehow. It’s truly a miracle that I didn’t decide to spunk them up with zebra stripes or something ridiculous during my sickness and fumed-induced delirium. Thankfully, the results are delightful. I think the table and chairs turned out beautiful. They look great in my dining space and I’m glad I took the leap. I’m also very very glad it’s all over.

Before I tell you how I did it, here’s a little history ๐Ÿ™‚ This table was purchased from K Mart 8 years ago. My husband and I were moving into our first apartment and funds were tight. We paid $200 for it – it’s not real wood. Less than a year after buying it, the screws holding the top table piece stripped (from what, who knows, daily use?) and the top became completely separated from the pedestal. My husband tried to repair it on two separate occasions, and failed. He decided the entire thing was going in the garbage and gave up. In one last slightly un-serious attempt to salvage the thing, I literally gorilla glued the top to the pedestal. And it worked. It hasn’t caused a single problem since, and we’ve moved twice.

That brings us to present day. It is showing it’s age, as I’ve spilled a ton of paint and other building materials all over it while using the set for all my of projects. Additionally, it matches my kitchen flooring pretty well, too well, it practically blends right in. Overall, it either needed a new look or to find a new home. Since it continues to be useable, I’ve decided to throw my dimes elsewhere and give the set a makeover. Having built my kitchen island and completely redone all of my kitchen cabinets (and a dresser and storage bench) using the same materials needed for this project, I didn’t need to buy a single thing.


IMG_2923 IMG_2928 IMG_2929


– Fine grit sandpaper (I used 220 grit)
– Primer (I used Zissner – photo below)
– Angled brush (for primer, you could also use foam brush or roller)
– Foam rollers
– Foam brush
– Paint tray and liners
– Paint (I used valspar ultra in white with satin finish)
– Top coat (I used polycrylic in clear satin)
– Plastic floor covering


1. Lightly sand the pedestal and chairs. I did not sand the top of the table or the seats because I was leaving them alone. You don’t need to go crazy sanding, just enough to scuff the surface so your primer will have a rough surface to adhere to. I used sanding paper for my electric sander but I just did the sanding by hand.

IMG_2934 IMG_2941 IMG_2935

2. Wash everything well with hot water so that no dirt or dust is left on the surface.


3. Time to prime. I used Zissner 1-2-3 because it sticks to any surface (this is not real wood and I didn’t sand down through all of the finish) and resists staining. I applied it with an angled brush but you could use a foam roller or foam brush. I did 3 coats of primer. You may need to lightly sand after you are finished priming if you left brush strokes. My surface remained super smooth (thanks to my wooster ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so I didn’t have to.

IMG_2938 IMG_2945 IMG_2951

4. I let my primer dry overnight (mostly I was too sick and exhausted to continue). In the morning I painted. I used valspar ultra in white satin finish. I’ve used the same paint for my kitchen cabinets, island, dresser, and bench. It’s white, there’s really nothing more to say. I added floetrol to this to thin the paint and reduce brush strokes, I really wanted the paint to go on super smooth. This stuff is amazing, I add it to all my projects. (I also mention it here in this post about my DIY Kitchen island) I used a foam roller and applied 3 coats.

5. Once this dries (on a perfectly warm day with almost no humidity, it took practically no time at all between coats), apply your top coat. I used polycrylic clear in satin finish. I applied 2 coats (I’d recommend applying 3-4 if painting the tops of your seats or the tabletop because those surfaces get the most wear and tear).

IMG_2996 IMG_3006
Working on my tan between coats ๐Ÿ™‚

Once finished, I would let the paint and topcoat cure for a few days before using. Since I didn’t do my tabletop or the seats, I put everything back in the house to cure.

What do you think?

IMG_3030 IMG_3033 IMG_3052 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3060 IMG_3064

I’m still on my never-ending rug search for this space. I’ve decided on a jute rug, but who knows how long it’ll be until I commit to making a purchase ๐Ÿ™‚
I’d love to see your DIY makeover projects, message me!
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