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DIY Closet Organization Ideas


How much of your “stuff” sits stowed away, hidden in cabinets, forgotten about? You spent money on this stuff, and yea, it’s fun to rediscover it months (years…) later (most likely after the make-up or nail polish has gone bad, the jewelry has tarnished, etc), but it’d be nice to use the stuff we buy before we forget we own it.

I know I’m not the only one. We joke about it, how much crap we have and how we use 1% of it on a daily basis. The last year or so, I’ve really learned to appreciate the value of the money I earn (thank you mortgage and student loans!) and I hate to see myself waste money on stuff I shove in a closet, drawer, cabinet, shoebox, etc. I’ve primarily focused my efforts on my closet room in an attempt to organize it in a way that is both functional and pretty. I’ve showed you a glimpse of my closet dressing room “before and after” here ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are some ways I display my “stuff”. Not only does it provide an alternative to decor but when everything is on display, I am reminded of all the fun things I have, and I use it!

Display your nail polish


Polish is expensive! It is such a shame to let it go to waste. In the past I didn’t pay any attention to how much I was spending on polish and managed to accumulate quite a bit, purchasing multiples of many colors. I have more control over buying polish now, because I’ve used these great shelves to display what I own. I found them at target at a really great price. They are meant for photo frames and are deep enough to fit 2 rows of polish. The top shelf was a thrift store find I picked up for a few bucks. I will probably eventually move it and replace it with a third photo shelf for cohesiveness but I worked with what I had to save some $$

Display your perfume, lotions, and scarves

beautyorganizationIMG_2496 scarforganizationIMG_2485 perfumeorganizationIMG_2482

I purchased this wall shelf from The Lakeside Collection at least 5 years ago for ~ $25. Over time my tastes have changed and I wasn’t really interested in using it when I moved. I felt a little guilty about that and ultimately decided to hang it in my closet room and I’m really glad I did.

What do you guys do with all of the body sprays and lotions that are gifted to you? Tuck them somewhere that you forget about and never use? I used to do the same – but I actually use all of this stuff. Lets get real here girls, our tastes and moods change day to day. That’s why this shelf is so great for all of my perfumes, scented lotions, and scarves. I use a different perfume each day, and I feel like I’m in a boutique each morning when I choose which one I want to wear. The hooks on this shelf are perfect for the scarves because I’m able to see each that I own that I may otherwise forget about.

Display your “play” Jewelry


What do you do with all of that costume jewelry you’ve accumulated? I find that I put mine in a jewelry box and a year or two will pass before I “rediscover it” and by then, it’s tarnished and has lost its luster. This shelf, also a target purchase from years ago but still offered, used to hold all of my house/car keys and various other junk. I no longer needed it for that and re-purposed it for a jewelry storage unit.

The swan was a thrift store purchase ($2 – and I’m convinced that was probably too much) that I use to display my watches. The Bracelet display was purchased at Micheal’s for 50% off ($4). The miniature mannequin is from TJ Maxx – I can’t remember the price – and on it I display the pearl necklace that inspired this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ The hooks off to the left side are anchor hooks, available anywhere. I display my unique and inexpensive jewelry finds in this area.

Dresser organization

dresserorganizationIMG_2540 purseorganizationIMG_2547 dresserorganizationIMG_2551 dresserorganizationIMG_2554

This dresser was a hand-me-down that I inherited when a long-term care facility that a family member works for decided to update all of their furniture. It was given to me, free, and was previously a dark cherry color. It was my first DIY makeover project….. which essentially means it’s not done well. I should invest in new hardware, and I will, eventually. For now, I use it for storage in my closet room.

I installed one anchor hook on each side of the dresser- 1 for my work bag and the other for my purse – these are incredibly functional and I recommend you steal this idea! Inside, I have all of my “essentials”: bras, sports bras, underwear, socks, yoga pants and workout pants, pajamas, and bathing suits. The best thing about this dresser is that I’ve placed it in the center of the room so all of my necessities are easily accessible.

Display your clothes


The best way to stop forgetting about all the clothes you own? Display them! It’s like having a clothing store in your own home. I organize mine by color and I think that helps the most. If I know what I want to wear, I know where to look to find it. I keep a section on the top rack for new purchases and tops that I don’t wear often or have a tendency to forget about. I always go there first if I don’t know what I want to wear because I’m reminded to wear what I buy and recycle what I haven’t worn in a while.ย 

Over the years, I’ve accumulated so many things and consequently spent so much money on polishes, perfumes, lotions, scarves, tops, and jewelry. Now that they are on display, I’m always reminded of and “rediscovering” things I already own. I appreciate it all more, make an effort to get use out of it, and find that it keeps me in check – I’m not buying 2 of the same polishes, scarves, clothing, or jewelry. It works. And? It’s beautifully girly – the perfect way to decorate your dressing room ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your ideas?

Thanks for stopping by!