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Olia Box: March Review

My March Olia Box arrived this week! Here are the goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want a summary of what this Monthly Jewelry Subscription is all about read this post!


What’s in the box:

– Gold Spike Necklace
– Gold Bangle
– Crystal Studs
– Gold Twisted Crystal Ring



I love this necklace. It’s on a really long gold chain. It’s simple yet bold enough to stand on its own but is perfect for layering. I’ve received a few nice layering pieces from Olia Box in the past that will all work nicely together. I can see myself wearing this to spice up a simple v-neck tee day.



These earrings are cute. They are a smaller version of earrings they sent me in the past. A little disappointing because I have real diamond studs and already own several CZ versions in this simple style. I have to assume that most other women also have something similar as a basic staple in their jewelry collection.



I LOVE this bracelet. It’s easy to slip on and off. And the best part, it actually fits my wrist! It is so difficult to find a bangle that fits perfectly these days. It’s simple, pretty, and unique. This is my favorite piece!

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This is a gold ring (I am unsure of the size) that has a braided/twisted design. One strand is just gold and the other is tiny sparkly crystal studs. It is surprisingly shiny with a pretty sparkle. It resembles the twisted midi ring (that I’ve received two of) so I’m a little bit disappointed to see the same style but happy that it is a real ring and has some pizazz. I like it a lot and will wear it because it’ll go with pretty much everything.

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I am a little surprised there were no statement necklaces or bold earrings this month, as that has been the norm in the past. I do like all of my pieces so I have no major complaints. Next month I will be looking forward to some pretty spring pieces so I hope I’m not disappointed. I’m still very much open to trying out a different service but I’m going to stick with Olia Box for another month.

What did you think of the pieces this month?

Thanks for stopping by!


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