Six Week Beachbody Hybrid Workout Schedule

Now that I’ve finished Insanity Max:30 it’s time to start something new. Summer is on the horizon so I’d like to focus on toning up some of the common areas I’m most insecure about in a bathing suit – butt, thighs, and  stomach. 

Creating a workout schedule was relatively simple as I just so happen to be such an obsessed freak that I own an excessive amount of Beachbody workout programs. My current collection includes: Insanity, Insanity Max:30,T25, P90x3, and PIYO. I’ve done each workout from these programs, some religiously and some only once. I pulled my favorite workouts from these – specifically the ones that focus a little extra attention on my trouble spots. I’ve also packed in a steady dose of cardio. The schedule is prepared so that it gradually becomes more difficult as you progress.


I’m excited to start this today! Is there anyone else out there who owns each of these? If so, would you like to join me?

What are you guys doing this spring to stay in shape? I’d love to hear your fitness regimens!

Thank you for stopping by!