Insanity Max:30 Month Two Review


I’ve completed the Insanity Max:30 program and I have for you my review of month 2 and my impression of the program overall. I’ve already covered “What’s in the Box” and a “Review of Month 1”, so go check them out if you are interested. 

Month Two:

– ShaunT delivers what he promises. The workouts are harder, there are fewer breaks, and he fits what I’d estimate to be about an hour worth of exercise into 30 minutes.
– Per Shaun’s usual, each video manages to combine strength training with intense cardio without any weights or equipment!
– There’s a significant amount of cardio floor work. Yes you read that right. Time spent on the floor is pretty intense.
– Push-ups. Squats. Lunges. You won’t believe all the ways you’ll be doing these.


* A little disclaimer – I began this program in the beginning of January. It’s a 2 month program and I should have finished 3 weeks ago. After week 1 of month 2 I got sick (tis the season). I tried, quite pitifully, to keep going, determined to finished on time. At some point I acknowledged this was just hindering my ability to get well because I couldn’t seem to shake my symptoms. I ended up being ill for 2 weeks, so that set me behind. Additionally, I had to take another week off after I finished week 2 of month 2 due to work obligations. I will say my impression of month two and my results certainly have the potential to be skewed because of this.

1. The 30 minute exercises are ideal. ShaunT delivers his promise of getting in an amazing workout in this amount of time.
2. There’s a focus on a little bit of everything. Arms, core, butt and legs.
3. There is a significant amount of floor work – plank/core exercises, plyometric floor moves.
4. Push-ups. Done in a ton of different ways.
5. Your calorie burn is maximized because of the massive moves like plyometric lunge/squat, burpee, and power-jump sequences (just to name a few).
6. There’s not a ton of ab-specific work, but there is an additional 10 minutes “ab attack” video.
7. There are stretches after every workout, and these are an additional 1-3 minutes.

My Results:





My Impression:

I was not as happy with this program as I expected to be. I know, you are wondering how I could have decent results and be unhappy. Here are my personal impressions of the program:

1. I lost some tone that I had before. This impression might just be unique to me but since one needs to be in some form of decent shape to do this program, I doubt I’m the only one. When I started the program I was up a few pounds from the holidays and bloated but as I shed some of that bloat and the excess pounds, I noticed some of my prior muscle tone went with it. There were changes in my body (that I’m sure only I noticed) that developed during T25 and P90X3 and it was a little disheartening to see that go.

2. There is way too much floor work that requires constant tension on the neck and shoulders. During the program, and especially month two, my neck and shoulders were in chronic pain. I am willing to accept a little of the responsibility for that because I am open to the idea that some if it could potentially be a consequence of bad form. I was concerned that I was doing the exercises wrong and modified myself with no resolution in stress to these areas. With a little research I realized I am not the only person experiencing this problem. Did I get results? Arm my shoulders and arms stronger? Yep, but it’s not worth the amount of stress to my shoulders and neck (and constant pain) that it has caused. I think there should have been more of a focus in the stretching at the end to release some of this tension but there also needs to be less floor work. During the last week I chose to sit out for most of the floor sets that I knew would cause me pain.

3. You will have a nice toned butt at the end 😉 Trust me.

4. You’ll end with increased strength and endurance. You are not expected to be able to get through each video without needing a break. The point is to improve with each week so you finish stronger than you started.

5. This program isn’t going to give you a 6-pack. Maybe if you do the “Ab-attack” video religiously (which is optional), but there’s simply just not enough ab-focused work

6. I’ve already mentioned that you will see changes in your strength and endurance. However, you’ll need to “diet” to see changes. At least for me this is true. I saw the most changes during the weeks that I kept my diet clean.

7. All my complaining aside, there are a TON of moves and circuits that I really, really like. Some of my favorite exercises were: Power Jump Dive, Squat Lunges, Squat Oblique Knee, Iron Legs, and Burpee Punches 

My verdict:

There were more pros than cons. I ended stronger than I was before but paid the price with pain/injury. I would recommend this program to others, with the disclaimer that there’s a heavy focus on the floor work and push-up work. I will continue using some parts of the program (primarily month 1 videos) and the ab attack video on a routine basis.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have about the program and my experience, I’d be happy to talk with you!

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