Favorites Friday


Another polish Favorites Friday!

I get so excited over polish because it’s a reasonably inexpensive way to treat yourself to something pretty and new. Painting your nails is also a nice way to force yourself to relax. If you are anything like me, this might be the only way to get yourself to slow down, sit still, and stop doing STUFF. I say stuff because, again, if you are like me, half the crap you get wrapped up in is so ridiculously useless and non-productive that you can’t even justify the time taken out of your life to complete it (like baking iced banana bread bars that you won’t eat because it’s almost swimsuit season. But what else are you supposed to do with all of those rotten bananas!?)

So you see, this is why I paint my nails so often. I might also paint my nails because I feel obligated. (anyone else have the tendency to get so enamored with all the beautiful shades that you repeatedly buy way more polish than you will ever be able to use in a reasonable time-frame???) Sigh. Now that the truth is out…… allow me to introduce my new favorite!

Essie Comfy in Cashmere

I briefly mentioned this shade in this recent post. I specifically didn’t mention why this polish is so special because I hadn’t actually tried it out. This week I had a few minutes one morning to apply and here’s what I thought:

Some background: During a recent trip to Ulta I noticed a new “cashmere matte” line from Essie. I wasn’t quite sure, but I assumed it meant the polish would apply without shine, and I was intrigued as I’d seen a line from Orly that offered matte polish. I picked two colors, this one and Coat Couture (which I haven’t yet tried). The color options from this line are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Go here to take a look.

What I thought: It’s pretty cool polish, but not perfect and probably over-priced. The matte finish is different, soft and silky without the shine yet it somehow doesn’t look dull. Definitely on trend. The color dries very similar to how it looks in the bottle. It does appear slightly different depending on the lighting (you’ll see in the pics below). The bottle gives the impression there’s a ton of iridescent sparkle in the polish but it dries very subtly. In the sunlight, the iridescence is more apparent. The polish is difficult to work with for a few reasons: It dries super fast (which is great, because there’s literally like a 1-2 minute dry time between coats). You’ll have to be very quick when applying or the formula gets thick and sticky. Also, if there’s too much polish on the brush, you’ll leave streaks on your nails that don’t even out with drying or additional coats. I used a bottom coat, and 3 coats of the polish. I am so impressed with the color and dry time that the polish is worth buying simply because of that! A quick-drying top coat would add some shine if you aren’t into the matte.

img_02358 img_439017 img_01445 img_044319 img_0032

What do you think? Have you tried any others from this line?

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Friday!