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DIY Window Curtain Shelf Unit


For nearly the entire first year I lived in my home the dining room windows were left bare. I couldn’t come to a decision regarding what I wanted to do with them. I did have custom blinds made for them, but I struggled with “dressing them up.” Should I do curtains? Roman shades? Bench seating? Valances?

I figured whatever I decided, it was probably going to cost me a ton of money, so for months and months the area sat bare and sad looking, like this:


Until. One day. When I had an epiphany.

Just kidding. I was bored, pinteresting, and came across this photo:



It then occurred to me that (aside from end pieces and a curtain rod) I had everything I needed to build something like this myself just laying around my house. I had sheer ivory curtains (not sure if I’ll be keeping these, but for now, they will stay) still packed up in a box from the move, a long 6″ deep plank, and white paint. I purchased the curtain rod and end corbels, both from LOWE’s.

I completed this project 4 months ago, before I ever even had a blog (noticing a a time delay trend here with these windows?), so I apologize that I did not take better photos to guide you. Please contact me if you have any questions about this project. The entire thing cost me about $50 **It will cost more if you need to purchase all of the supplies.

What you’ll need:

-Board for shelf:**mine is 6 inches deep and 1 inch thick. My board was super long, over 80 inches, and I needed most of it. If you buy the cheap stuff (I did, for a different project) beware, it may be warped – which can throw a wrench in your project. My board is warped but I hid it well (I did not want to have to go out and buy a new one for this project, which I started on a Sunday, due to boredom…..)
-2 end corbels. Mine didn’t come with holes in them for the curtains rod- I had to drill these myself with an 1 1/2in bit.
– Paint and topcoat, brush
– Curtain rod
– Curtains
– Drill, bits, and screws
– Saw (of some variety)
– Tape measure and level

How to Build:

1. Drill a hole in your corbel for the curtain rod. I used a 1 1/2in bit (I didn’t have a router at the time, I have one now and this would have made things a lot easier….sigh). My curtain rod is 1 inch diameter so I chose a 1 1/2in bit. I didn’t take a picture during the drilling process, but here’s an “after” photo during painting:


2. Cut your board to length. However you please. I used a circular saw. I now have a miter saw that would have worked perfectly…. sigh…. again.

3. Paint your board and corbel’s the desired color. I chose white, which I had on hand from re-painting my kitchen cupboards. You should probably slap a top coat on too. I honestly can’t remember if I did…..


** Yes that’s hot chocolate, I prefer to mix my paint fumes with something sweet and wholesome. And also, I am painting on papertowels and teetering my corbel on a jar of canned salsa. I recommend you use a little more intelligence when painting.


** Excuse the mess on my counter…. I had several projects going that day 😉

4. Hang your corbels. They are typically built ready to be mounted on the wall, so you place your screw and hang.

5. Place the shelf and screw in place. I screwed my shelf on the corbels after they were hung on the wall.

6. Hang your curtain rod and curtains on the mounted wall shelf. I needed to use an additional wall anchor in the middle to keep my rod from bowing – this came with the curtain rod.

IMG_3986 IMG_3987 10525629_10107694324648614_48223817307977830_n

** The fourth chair is missing from this photo because I was standing on it 😉  Also, I’ll get around to ironing my curtains…. like, maybe this summer?

Seriously, how easy was this!?!? If I could make this on a Sunday afternoon with spare crap I had just laying around, anyone can do this. I promise.

IMG_7352 (2) 031 IMG_7345 (2) 018 IMG_7335 (2)

What do you think? Suggestions for this project or the space? I’d love to hear them, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “DIY Window Curtain Shelf Unit

  1. I am thinking about doing this above our window in the kitchen, I’m planning on repainting all the trim in our house (it’s currently a barn red, uh!) first though, I am horrible at interior designing!


    1. Emily, it was really really easy to do. You’ve done enough projects you probably already have enough scrap wood around to make this now! And the previous homeowners repainted all my trim white, I could never repay them enough lol that is a BIG TASK! Good luck 😉


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