Favorites Friday

I made a trip to Ulta a few weeks ago – I originally went in to pick up some cute bath items for a birthday gift. In my usual fashion, I wound up leaving with a few things for myself.


Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from that little shopping pit stop 🙂

IMG_8185 (2) IMG_8181 (2)

OPI Nail Lacquer (from left to right): Coney Island Cotton Candy, My Pointe Exactly, and Passion
Ulta Hand Cream: Honey Almond with shea butter, and Vitamins E&A

The polish:

I was looking for a few spring colors and thought these were nice. Pastels have always been representative of spring. I have a ton of bright neon colors in my collection and wanted to change it up a little this spring. So far I’ve tried Passion and My Pointe Eactly.

Passion is a lot like mademoiselle and sugar daddy from Essie – but better.
The polish goes on easier than Essie and chips less. I have about 4 coats on in these photos. Love it!

IMG_8691 (2) IMG_8727 (2) IMG_8729 (2) IMG_8725 (2) IMG_8644 (2) IMG_8697 (2) IMG_8747 (2)

My Pointe Exactly. I’m always on the hunt for a perfect gray. I’m not sure this is it – but I do like it. I have 5 coats on in these photos and you can still see through the color. I was hoping for better coverage. I did go back and add another 3 coats and the polish eventually looked more gray and less  transluscent. It’s pretty, and as far as gray goes, this is a great one to pair with a pastel outfit for spring.

I will say the color goes on evenly, it was very easy to apply and didn’t take long to dry. Even after 7 or 8 coats (ughhhh) it looked flawless.

IMG_8946 (2) IMG_8955 (2) IMG_8962 (2) IMG_8959 (2)

Ulta Honey Almond Hand Repair:

This stuff is nice! Winter is destroying my hands. I’ve gone through tubes and tubes of hand cream. I haven’t yet found the holy grail (I will definitely be letting you know when I do). This product is good for perking up dry chapped hands with immediate results. The smell is very faint and I find it to be pleasant. I don’t notice any sticky residue. It appears just the slightest bit oily when it’s applied but it doesn’t give you that yucky feeling. This isn’t great for long-lasting hydration, but if you are in need of a quick way to liven up your hands I’d recommend this.

What do you think of my Ulta loot? Have you tried any of these products?

IMG_8183 (2)


Speaking of hand creams, I nabbed this little sucker at Old Navy. It was stocked up with all the little fun stuff by the register. It’s Burt’s Bees so you can probably find it anywhere they stock a decent array of Burt’s products.

IMG_8928 (2) IMG_8926 (2)

The best thing about this stuff is that IT WORKS! It reallllly realllly works. There’s no yucky feeling after you apply. It leaves your hands soft, well-hydrated, less chapped and flaky. This stuff truly is the real deal.

Here’s the BUT. And it’s a big but. It stinks. It’s almost intolerable. I assume it’s the sesame oil – I can hardly stand putting it on. It works so well and I feel so desperate for a decent hand cream that I still wear it, but only at night. I apply a dime-sized amount right before bed. That way it has all night to hydrate and do its thing before I get up in the morning and wash my hands. I’d be embarrassed to wear it in public because the smell is really that unpleasant. Another “But” is that the tube is very small. It’s 0.5oz. I’m just about out and I’ve had it for just about 2 weeks, applying it nightly. I will buy more, but I think I’m going to scour all the Burt’s hand products to see if I can find a more pleasant one 🙂

 Any Burt’s Bees diehards out there have any other recommendations?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!