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Jewelry Haul: Nautical and Crystals

My pre-spring inspiration: Nautical Accents and Raw Crystals

Here are a few things, some old and some new, that you’ll be seeing me wear in the coming weeks and months.

To the lake:

IMG_8386 (2) IMG_8389 (2) IMG_8393 (2) IMG_8397 (2) IMG_8394 (2)

Layered Rings: Old Navy: new
Watch: Fossil: old
Earrings: Old Navy: old
Rope Necklace: Old Navy: new

Smokey Crystals:

IMG_8420 (2) IMG_8402 (2) IMG_8403 (2) IMG_8409 (2) IMG_8427 (2)

Ring: Forever 21 (I think…. sorry :/ ): old
Earrings: Old Navy: newish
Bracelet: Old Navy: new
Necklace: Old Navy” new

il_fullxfull.685850321_3fi3 IMG_6549 (2)

Raw Crystal Necklace: Etsy
Bar Necklace: OliaBox

What are your spring favorites for this season? What do you think of mine?

Thanks for stopping by!


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