What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I’m mixing up today’s WIWW! I was able to get a little shopping in last weekend and am pretty excited about a few pieces and I thought I’d show you!

I’ve been partial to nautical clothing and accessories for…. like….. ever. And it turns out, so is Old Navy this spring 😉 I purchased quite a few little accessories (I am in the process of making you a nice little post that includes everything), but these rings – I am obsessed.

They are really cute, and I think my obsession is further compounded by the fact that in person, these rings seem to be remarkably well-made. It says a lot when your “costume jewelry” can mesh well with your quality stuff. Even the little diamond studs have a nice quality and sparkle to them. They are a set of 3 and could each be worn individually if you wanted.


 IMG_8256 (2)IMG_8265 (2) IMG_8266 (2) IMG_8267 (2)

P.s. The midi ring came in this month’s OliaBox, the unboxing and review can be found here!

My other FAVORITES from this weekend are these pumps. If I only wore cognac-toned pumps, boots, and flats for the rest of my life, I’d be happy. I just love the color and they go perfectly with the majority of my wardrobe (which is primarily neutral-toned).

I have had cognac pumps on my “wishlist” for months. I was leaving the mall and walked by Maurices (with no intention of going in to shop) and saw these in the window. Like a Dream. It was meant to be.

It’s the middle of winter and 20 degrees out and I will be wearing these to work. Today.

IMG_8192 (2) IMG_8190 (2) IMG_8197 (2) IMG_8198 (2)

How sweet is the blue and ivory stripped lining?

As always, thank you for stopping by!