First Home One Year Anniversary: Before and Afters

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of purchasing our first home! Since moving in, there have been quite a few changes around this place and I thought I’d show you some before and afters!

I took this photo the day we moved in. I had the keys to my first home in my hand and before I ran inside to run around in each empty room like a crazed child, I stopped to take a picture:

house3 (2)

I took these photos in October -they are the most recent ones I have but nothing has really changed from the curb. In the spring/summer I tore out some plants and planted new, painted the the front door, and took down that flagpole. Future plans include landscaping and possibly some decorative stone.

housefall20141 (2) housefall20144 (2)


By far, the kitchen has received the most attention over the last year. The cabinets had been painted ivory/tan with brassy hardware. The first thing I did was sand down and repaint the cabinets and change out all of the hardware. I painted the yellow/tan walls a light gray and installed blinds in the windows. The counter had been painted Chocolate Milk BROWN by the previous owners- it was a hideous disaster. You can read about how I fixed this by painting over the countertops here. I updated some of the appliances – dishwasher, stove, and installed a range microwave, all matching, from Whirlpool. I also changed out that hideous fluorescent light fixture!! 😉

I built the shelves underneath the cabinets, the white shelf over the kitchen island, and the island. You can read about how I built the island here in this post. I also built the shelf/curtain unit in the dining area, I plan to create a blog post about that soon!

Plans for this year include: brand new countertops, an undermount sink, and installing subway tile. I’m also on the lookout for an area rug for the dining area, window treatment for above the sink, and, if I can find a stellar deal, new bar stools.

kitchenbefore2 (2) kitchenbefore1 (2) IMG_2512 (2) IMG_7352 (2) IMG_7354 (2) IMG_7345 (2) IMG_7365 (2) IMG_7376 (2) IMG_7358 (2) IMG_7361 (2) IMG_7363 (2) IMG_7381 (2)

This is a photo of that shelf ^^ styled another way with the dresser. The dresser has since moved into the sunroom to make room for the island. I am looking for ways to spruce up this area as it is now lacking something. Any ideas?

kitchennew1 kitchennew2

Living Room:

This year this room saw a few coats of paint – I can never decide! And some window treatments. Other than that, a brand new sectional and some decor when we first moved in and I have hardly touched it since!

I have been toying with ideas for this year, mostly pertaining to the doorways. I hate the arched doorways for two reasons: 1. the doorways in the rest of the house are square and it drives me nuts that these are arched 2. I like an open floor plan but this is too much openness – it doesn’t flow well. I would like to look into closing the entryway from the living room to the sunroom off completely (I will be asking a contractor what that would entail), and converting the doorway from the sunroom to the kitchen from an open frame to a doorway with pretty french doors! Any ideas?

IMG_2485 IMG_2488 livingroomnew6 (2) livingroomnew3 (2)


This is the spare furniture room (literally, every piece of furniture and decoration in this room is spare). Rather than letting it rot in the basement, it’s found a home here for now. I had custom blinds made and added some window treatments and that’s it.

My plans for this room are reconstructing the doorways (as detailed above 😉 ), painting, and building a coffee table.

familyroombefore4 (2) familyroombefore2 (2) familyroombefore3 (2) IMG_7323 (2) IMG_7317 (2) IMG_7324 (2)

Master Bedroom:

How difficult it was to nail down a paint color for this room! I think I bought 10 samples and ended up choosing a color I had originally purchased as an accent color for the kitchen (and decided against using). In bright light it is a light, bright blue. In medium light it is a subtle ocean blue and in dark light it takes on more of a spa green look. I love it – so peaceful and relaxing. It is impossible to be unhappy in my bedroom. After moving in I purchased this new bedroom set. I have a few things hung and decorated but this room is mostly a blank slate.

This coming year I’d love to make a bench for the end of the bed, purchase a small armchair and side table, and get some other decor placed and hung so it doesn’t feel so empty. Any ideas?

IMG_2504 (2) IMG_2503 (2) 10687489_10107282727742114_8647380846557573896_o (2) 10572004_10107282728016564_4208599942018314139_o (2) 1960886_10107282728156284_8217989171270313438_o (2) 10700645_10107282727811974_8750202878810071064_o (2)

Master Bathroom:

New paint, light fixture, medicine cabinet, and shelves. No plans for this room this year. I may paint it back to a light color at some point. I love the “greige” but I loved the light airy happy feeling of the blue too.

masterbathbefore (2) gkrogkro (2) 10524727_10106927508249824_903125271207472408_n (2)

Spare Bedroom 2 (aka My Dressing Room):

I have 2 spare bedrooms and no kids. The larger spare room is set up for guests (I did do some work to this room, but haven’t taken photos yet so I’ll update on that later). However, this room serves as my ridiculous girly walk-in closet. I’m soaking up every moment I get to have this room, as I know someday I’ll move and have kids and have to give up such luxuries!

This was actually the first room I tackled after moving in. I know, I’m shameful and spoiled. It does look a bit different now, I hung some shelves, redid a bench, added some other touches, and styled it a little better. I’ll take some updated photos soon, but these were the original before and afters.

dressingroombefore (2) dressingroombefore3 (2) dressingroombefore2 (2) dressingroomafter (2) dressingroomafter4 dressingroomafter5


I have done very little to this area but I feel there are some big changes heading its way! I did recently add this mirror and table. You can find out more about the table here in this post, where I show you how to build your own!

This year I’m going to paint but I’m at a loss for color choice! Any suggestions?

IMG_2487 (2) IMG_5779 (2) IMG_5773 (2)


I love love love spending time outside! After moving in, I sold the playset, planted 15 hybrid willows (super fast growing privacy trees!!) along the back fence to provide some privacy from the neighbors, built a small garden, and installed this above-ground pool (this was given to us and I am SOOOOOO a pool girl!). I dug out a small flowerbed off the deck, planted some flowers, and added deck furniture.

This year I plan to landscape a little more seriously, and spruce up the deck. I thought about using one of the deck restoration kits but they’ve all got awful reviews. Any ideas?

backyardbeforeafter2 backdeckbeforeafter1

I have other rooms in my house (a downstairs bathroom, laundry room, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom) that I will add as I get to them.

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think? Any suggestions?