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The Breakfast Swap

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What do you usually have for breakfast?

I’ll be honest, on weekends I cheat a little. Ok, a lot.

As pretty as that ^^ photo is, let’s get real, nothing beats a nice big fat bagel loaded with cream cheese:


Or a boston creme donut. Ok, I’ll stop. That combo up there ^^ is probably 350-450 calories! (3 oz plain bagel with 2tbsp of cream cheese – though if you get it from DD it likely has somewhere between 1-52 tbsp slopped on it 😉 )

During the week my breakfast varies but it’s always some combination of fruit, dairy, and protein. And coffee. Always coffee. On weekends I like to change it up just a little, and if I have enough willpower, still try to keep it clean and healthy.

This week I’ve been on a nut and chocolate fix and I think it’s because it’s a good compliment to coffee and I feel satiated yet never uncomfortably full.

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This morning I substituted my bagel and cream cheese for some natural almonds and dark chocolate chips. I planned on also adding a handful of fresh blueberries but I’m all out 😦 (they add very little calories while bringing forth lots of fiber and Vit C)

Plain bagel: 310 cals
Cream cheese (2tbsp): 100 cals
=410 calories total

1/4c. natural almonds: 160 cals
1.5 tbsp dark chocolate chips: 105 cals
= 265 calories total
(plus lots of protein, fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron)

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What are your breakfast swap ideas?

Thanks for stopping by!


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