DIY Entryway Table


I’ve been living in my house for just about a year now, and up until Christmastime, my entryway hadn’t been touched.

I let it go because I’ve been focusing on other rooms but I recently decided to begin to work on it just a bit. It’s the first thing that is noticed when you walk into the house and despite my negligence, it has lots of potential.

This photo is from before we bought it, when it was listed for sale (is it rude to post someone elses crap on the internet?) Until this last month. the area had been completely empty since moving (I don’t have a photo because now it’s all decked out 😉 ).


At some point, I decided I wanted an entryway table for the area. Entryway and console tables are a dime a dozen – you can get them anywhere. For ~$90-$160 you can buy a cheap stand made of mystery wood and for ~$160-$200 you can find similar tables made of real wood. Mine cost me about $100 to make.

I wanted to cut costs on this project, if I could, but I also wanted to build – just because. (no, the fact that I have a fancy new miter saw and a laseeeerrrrr played no role in my decision making, clearly)

I found this basic table here that came with a magnificent plan.


Except, of course, I didn’t want a table quite that simple. I found other inspiration, like this photo, and decided I’d just try to make a table that somehow combined the simplicity of the first table, with the detail of this kitchen island below. Because I’m fancy like that.


This photo is taken from this blog, and it seems as though she did the exact same thing that I did, which was using Ana’s blueprint for the simple stand as a guide and then just wing the rest!

Getting Started:

To begin, I drew out my own plan – yes, on a piece of paper and with pen. After I figured out my dimensions – this really just depends on how big of a space you have and how wide and tall you want your table- I was able to compile a shopping list.

FullSizeRender (2)


  • Wood: I wanted pine (FYI -whiteboard is cheaper but often comes warped) but they were out of most of the pine pieces I needed and I’m impatient and whiney so opted for poplar (not a huge fan….) instead.
    • 1×12
    • 1×2
    • 1×3
    • 1×4
    • Table legs (I saw these pretty deck spindles here and wanted them for my legs! They were only $2.48/spindle!! I checked all of the spindles and picked the ones with the fewest knots. One of the spindles was warped and I didn’t realize it in the store- it made things difficult later on but I improvised.
  • Screws and finishing nails
  • Wood filler, caulk, wood glue (I already had all 3 of these so I didn’t need to buy)
  • No-skid pads for the legs (already had these too)
  • Paint (I chose expresso brown spray paint)


Make all your cuts. If you went with spindles or legs that aren’t actually meant to be legs, you should measure to make sure they are each the same length and make cuts to fix that if necessary.

IMG_5585 (2)

Making my cuts. (Side note – yes my miter saw is on my freezer. I don’t actually use that freezer, I only own one because it was a hand-me-down and makes me feel normal. It works rather well for storage….. ). (Also, yes I’m wearing fur lined boots and yoga pants, feel free to judge me all you want).

IMG_5542 (2)

Now, stare at all your fantastic pieces. Cutting is the easiest part so feel free to take all the time you need to admire your glorious work before you begin totally screwing everything up.

I honestly didn’t know where to begin so I just started piecing and screwing things together.

IMG_5574 (2)

Eventually, if you are lucky, you’ll wind up with something like this:

IMG_5591 (2)

Now, woodfill all of your visible screws and caulk all of the gaps.
(Side note:I hadn’t completed the lower shelf yet, I went back and did that later because I tend to be mildly ridiculous and impatient, I recommend making all of your cuts and screwing/nailing the entire piece together prior to starting this step. Learn from me.)

IMG_5605 (2)

Wood filler over the screws.
(If you didn’t appreciate the Harry Potter weight, you are no friend of mine.)

Now it’s time to put the top on. I used liquid nail because I didn’t want to nail or screw the top down.

IMG_5594 (2) IMG_5627 (2)

Next, let it sit and dry before you mess with it anymore.
I let it go for a few days and came back to it when I had a few hours to dedicate to building the bottom shelf, sanding, and then finally, painting.

Take your time sanding. Sanding the leg posts was tedious because it was roughly cut and semi-intricate. I bought a cheap sanding tool for this. I used sanding pads and an electric hand sander for the rest of the stand. If your screws are exposed after you sand, apply more filler, let it dry, and resand again.


Clean all of the excess dust from sanding off of the stand. I used warm water and washed it twice. It was freezing outside (literally, I think the temp was 32 degrees so the garage was probably 40-45). I used the cool setting on my hairdryer to speed up the drying process. (*cough*did I mention I might be a little impatient?*cough*).


FINALLY it was time to paint. I laid a plastic sheet down and flipped the stand upside down to coat the underside. I only did 1 thick coat, because who’s really ever going to see the underside?


Once that dried I flipped it and did 3 lighter coats. It was nighttime at this point and I was worried the paint wouldn’t dry right if I left it in the garage at that temp so I very carefully grabbed it from underneath (where the paint had dried) and brought it inside to dry in my laundry room. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, as the chances of completely screwing it up are sky high, but if we are in a tough situation, it’s an option. Put it in a room that can be sealed off and that has a window because the fumes are strong!

image image

Christmas is over and I meant to put my decorations away today but, don’t they look so pretty with my new stand? Another week of Christmas won’t hurt 😉 Really though, how much better does this place look?

image image image

Feel free to message me with any comments or questions!

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