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Insanity MAX:30 – What’s in the box

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Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your holiday, now it’s time to get in shape!
I asked for Insanity MAX:30 for Christmas, and Santa delivered!

Today, I’ll review for you what comes in the box. When I’m finished with the program I’ll do a review post and let you know what I think ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what’s in the box?

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If you’ve ever purchased a beachbody workout program before, you probably already know what you’re getting, as most of the programs come with the same collection of items:

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DVDs, workout guide, workout schedule and calendar, nutrition guide, and food suggestions

Where to purchase:

I usually go one of two places:
2. Amazon

I usually go for whichever has free shipping. If you know a beachbody coach you or are willing to join a challenge group you may be able to get a discount. I find that the prices are usually the same wherever you wind up ordering from.

The base kit, which is what I typically order, is $119.85. offers a payment plan broken into 3 installments of $39.95 if you’d rather pay monthly.

There is a deluxe kit that is $239.70 – it includes these additional items:
– Three Additional Workouts – Includes MAX OUT: 15, MAX OUT ABS, and 360 ABS
– Ab Maximizer Workout Calendar
– 7-Day Ab Maximizer
– Core Comfort Mat
– 7 Portion-Control Containers
– Shakeology Shaker Cup
– Body Fat Calipers

So lets get started: what are the workouts?

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All of the workout DVDs are packed together in individual slots in a flipbook.

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Month 1 DVDs are placed in the “front” and if you flip the booklet over, Month 2’s can be found on the other side:

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Month One: aside from Ab Attack:10 (which is 10 mins and can be found on all the cardio workout DVD’s) each workout is 30 mins
Cardio Challenge: difficult cardio sequences – according to the packaging, it serves as the “fit test” for this program
Tabata Power: plyometric strength training in typical tabata structure (20 seconds “on”, 10 seconds “off” workouts)
Sweat Intervals: Like Cardio Challenge, but harder!
Tabata Strength: Introduced halfway through month 1 – there is no resting in this workout
Friday Fight: Round 1: This is where you’ll push yourself to a new “max”

Month Two: aside from pulse+ (which is a low-impact 20 min recovery/stretch workout composed of small pulsing movements and can be found on both Friday Fight DVDs) each workout is 30 mins
Max Out Cardio: Power Cardio. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!
Max Out Power: Like Tabata power, but the intervals are split into 45 secs on, 15 secs off
Max Out Sweat: More intense cardio
Max Out Strength: Upper body focused tabata-style (45 secs on, 15 secs off) workout
Friday Fight: Round 2: “hardest workout ever”

Well….. that all sounds very scary. I’m excited!


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This booklet includes instructions on beginning steps (taking your measurements, before and after pics, description of each workout, monthly calendar with space to record your “maxout time”, ab maximizer calendar (goes with the deluxe package that includes more ab DVDs but “Ab attack:10 can be substituted), and ShaunT’s tips).

Don’t forget to take your before pics so you can get your t-shirt when you’ve finished (hello motivation!)

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Nutrition Guide:

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This is a 98 page guide to healthy eating. It serves to help you with meal plans and food choices while on this program. It really is great! I’ll be honest, I personally have never used the nutrition guides that come with beachbody programs (not that I shouldn’t have- the first time I did insanity I was on Nutrisystem -cringe- :-/ you can read more about that here in this post) but I find them all to be well-developed and useful. There are tips, recipes, meal plans, and a place to log your meals.

There’s a smaller guide for those that have “No Time to Cook”:

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I’ll be starting the program on Monday (yes, before New Years, I’m too excited!). I’ll do an updated review post after month 1 and then again when I finish month 2. Please contact me if you are interested in joining with me!

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