Simple DIY Holiday Window Wreaths


This time of year is rough for everyone. Between everyday financial obligations and the added gifts, decorations, holiday parties, and unforeseeable expenses….

Enough said, right?

The most logical area to cut expenses is decorations. They aren’t necessary. Sure, they brighten up the home, help to get you in the Christmas spirit, and if you have children – they are a holiday staple.

Except…… they are so friggen’ expensive! There are ways to cut costs (and even include the kids, if you have them) – and here’s one.

I just moved into a new home this year and although I had a supply of decorations, I moved from a 1 bedroom single story apartment to a 3 bedroom 2 story home. I didn’t have any  outside decorations or lights and needed something to make the place look festive. Wreaths in the windows seemed to be the perfect way to do this!

I really liked these wreaths from Wal-Mart but they were nearly $16 a piece and I had 5 windows to decorate! I needed a way to cut costs….. so I made my own for about $9 a wreath – that’s nearly half the cost!

IMG_3297 (2)

IMG_3298 (2)

My DIY version:

IMG_3288 (2)

I didn’t need my wreaths to be too packed because they were going to be outside and exposed to the weather. I was also trying to be frugal so I was selective with the accessories I used.

IMG_3578 (2)

Cute, right?

I purchased all of my supplies from Wal-mart, though most of this stuff is available at any craft store!

Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:


– Basic non-lit garland wreath (I made 5. Mine were 20 inches in diameter and cost $2.48 a piece)
– Accessories (I used 2 velvet pointsettia clips and 4 decorative holiday stems per wreath – so 6 pieces per wreath at ~$1 per piece)
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– suction cup hangers

 There’s really only 4 Steps! So simple:

Step 1. Purchase stuff!

IMG_3272 (2) IMG_3274 (2) IMG_3277 (2) IMG_3279 (2)

Step 2. Fluff wreaths:

IMG_3275 (2)

 They came compressed/bent…. I just “fluffed” and spread out all the garland wiring.


IMG_3276 (2)

Step 3. Arrange accessories however you want them and hot glue them to the wreath:

IMG_3290 (2)

Step 4: Hang and admire!

IMG_3590 (2)

This photo isn’t that great but the sun is behind my house all winter so it’s the best I can do for you, for now! What do you think?

IMG_3578 (2)

Pretty and simple, right?

IMG_3585 (2)

P.s. – How much is that doggy in the window??

I painted this door from a salmony red/brown to this brown earlier this summer. Maybe I’ll do a DIY door painting tutorial soon. Opinions?

These photos were taken on Thanksgiving, I’ve since added more lights and decorations from my stockpile and am all ready for Christmas!!! Here’s one from today:

IMG_4969 (2)

 The puppy remains in her rightful position guarding the house from intruders. I imagine she fancies herself the protector of all insects, dust, and strong drafts. She seems to like the mailman and fedex guy. And pretty much every other human being on the planet. Sigh….

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!