Busy day noms.

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Long day ahead?

We all have those days that are so busy we’ll never get it all done. For me, the biggest concern is when will I eat?? (don’t judge. you know this is you too!)

Plan ahead and this won’t be a problem. I have quite a few little ways to keep my energy up and keep my tummy from growling loudly in a silent room. This is just one of them.

My “super busy” days are those in which I’m in the OR for the majority of the day while work piles up for me in between cases. Or, if I am traveling a long distance to see patients, it might be 2:00pm before I get a second to take a break to eat.

I’ve gotten pretty proficient at planning my days around my meals and snacks 😉 and I’ll write more about that in another post, but for now, lets just start with this simple, yet wildly important rule:

EAT BREAKFAST. and pack it with foods that are going to fuel your body instead of weighing it down.

This is my favorite! A staple for me:

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– Dannon light and fit yogurt: 1/2 cup = 55 calories
– Organic granola (I die for “love crunch dark chocolate and red berry organic yogurt”): 1/4 cup = 140 cals
– Berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes (point is- possibilities are endless!)
– 1 slice whole wheat toast = 70 cals
– Whipped peanut butter = 70 cals
– Banana slices

This breakfast is PACKED with everything you need to get through a busy morning!
With the fruit it probably rings in somewhere around 400-450calories and provides protein, carbs, vitamins, antioxidants, dairy – and the best part? It’s filling yet clean. It won’t weight you down and you’ll make it through a tough day. Skip the eggs and bacon and try this!

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